Free secondary school

  • We believe that education is the road to independence. Let the needy child who is mentally strong enough, have access to sound education when he eventually survives the challenges of hunger, sickness, clothing and the likes. We create schools (nursery, primary and secondary) where needy children can receive quality education for FREE. We pay the teachers and make the school free for needy children.

Our pilot school

  • Our pilot school: ANGLICAN SCIENCE COLLEGE, IGARRA. This school is approved for Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Primary School as well as Junior and Senior Secondary School in Nigeria. The current Teachers / Workers / Running / Continuous Development Cost is about £5000 per month for about 100 students. This cost includes: teachers salaries; workers salaries; library and laboratory maintenance; uniforms; boarding; etc. Subject to review when necessary.

Financial aids

  • We give grant/loans to needy children and widows for small business and university education.
  • We also give awards/presents for good performance in academics.
  • We use the application form available on this website, for applicants to apply for approval.

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